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Zeta Psi strives to be the premier international men’s fraternal organization dedicated to forging academic excellence and life-long bonds of brotherhood. Through active chapter participation and continuing alumni outreach, Zeta Psi members are committed to the development of leadership, character and intellect and to the service of their brothers, their communities and mankind.

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Rushing ZΨ

Why Go Greek?

Why should you “go Greek”? Becoming Greek is a choice, a choice to open yourself to a life full of opportunities and a lasting bond of true fraternal brotherhood. In fact, many of the greatest political leaders, CEOs, philanthropists, innovators, and athletes answered the call be something more, something great: Greek.

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The Tau Theta Chapter actively participate in philanthropy on a regular basis through its Philanthropy Committee, run by Brother Davinder. Based on the history of our chapter as well as the fraternity in general, we understand what it means to help and give back to the community. As we continue to grow as a chapter, so do our philanthropic efforts.

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Brothers of Zeta Psi - Tau Theta

Here you can view the brothers Tau Theta. Organized by first name, followed by their last name and class respectively.

Phi (President) – Christian Nissen
Alpha Phi (Vice President) – Austin Kiley
Sigma (Secretary) – Elliott Stambler
Alpha Sigma (Vice Secretary) – Brayden York
Gamma (Treasurer) – Jack Hamilton
Delta (Historian) – Dylan Sinstead
Sigma Rho (Sergeant At Arms) – Jesse Wamboldt
Academic Chair - Mayur Patel
Athletic Chair - Jestin Miller
Comstock Chair - Manny Mand
Omicron Chair - Steven Balboa
Rush Chair - Gabriel Betlen
Social Chair - Austin Kiley
Pledge Master – Brayden York
Philanthropy Chair - Davinder Cheema
Webmaster - Manny Mand
Abel Sebhatu - Nu Class
Alex Hall - Pi Class
Alexander Jobe - Rho Class
Andrew Dove – Μu Class
Andrew Tompkins – Xi Class
Arthur Strahl – Rho Class
Arun Santhapalar – Ζeta Class
Austin Kiley – Τau Class
Avery Pope - Chi Class
Beyar Awat – Οmicron Class
Ben Anthoy – Phi Class
Benjamin Howes – Rho Class
Bradley Bolger – Lambda Class
Brandon Gurley – Αlpha Class
Brayden York – Τau Class
Brett Van Mierlo – Τau Class
Brian M. Maruncic – Eta Class
Bryan Van Vugt – Βeta Class
Chris Udoeyop - Chi Class
Christian Nissen – Rho Class
Christopher Stephan – Οmicron Class
Conor Rumball – Lambda Class
Danny J. Homoncik – Gamma Class
Dan Noonan – Οmicron Class
Daniel Juhasz – Xi Class
Daniel Segura – Τau Class
Darnell Stevens – Νu Class
Davinder Cheema – Phi Class
Dylan Sinstead – Upsilon Class
Edwin Willis – Ιota Class
Emil Litman – Xi Class
Eric Van Vugt – Οmicron Class
Eric Villeneuve – Pi Class
Eric Winsor – Lambda Class
Evgeny Kutssy – Upsilon Class
Fabian Szucko – Οmicron Class
Fernando Jonathan Castro – Βeta Class
Gabriel Betlen – Phi Class
Gregory Campbell – Αlpha Class
Israel Guzman Nieto – Οmicron Class
Jack Hamilton – Τau Class
Jackie Chong – Οmicron Class
James Joyce – Phi Class
Jamie J. Lumsden – Εpsilon Class
Jesse Campbell – Οmicron Class
Jesse Wamboldt – Rho Class
Jesse Prebble – Theta Class
Jestin Miller – Upsilon Class
Josh Yeats – Xi Class
Justin Bremner – Phi Class
Justin Reyes – Lambda Class
Kenji R. Kobayashi – Gamma Class
Kevin Boots – Εpsilon Class
Kevin J. Demara – Ζeta Class
Kiel Gaiger – Βeta Class
Kieran Zackaria – Pi Class
Kyle Dabrowski – Αlpha Class
Kyle Neal Campbell – Xi Class
Malik Kaddoura – Pi Class
Manny Mand - Chi Class
Marcus Moss – Delta Class
Matthew T. Hargraves – Αlpha Class
Mayur Patel – Upsilon Class
Melad Avery – Ιota Class
Michael Chisholm – Upsilon Class
Michael Tiano – Gamma Class
Nayyir Jutha – Rho Class
Neil Mawdsley – Theta Class
Nick Mazzotta – Rho Class
Nick Villeneuve – Rho Class
Nigel Richards - Tau Class
Oscar Liu - Sigma Class
Patrick Boone – Μu Class
Pawel Grzesniak – Lambda Class
Peter Micek – Αlpha Class
Peter Budd – Αlpha Class
Prince Ramez - Sigma Class
Quinn Daigle - Rho Class
Ravinder Dhamrait – Βeta Class
Ronald Draycott – Νu Class
Sahib Singh - Sigma Class
Satraj Toor – Αlpha Class
Scott Conely – Βeta Class
Sean Stepnow - Chi Class
Siyawash Hassan - Phi Class
Srbislav Zlatibor Djurasevic – Theta Class
Stephan Dawson – Ιota Class
Stephen A. Eng – Gamma Class
Steven Balboa – Οmicron Class
Surafel Negussie – Upsilon Class
Taylor Kutsukake – Μu Class
Thomas Hopper – Ζeta Class
Tony Aprile – Ζeta Class
Tyler Brown – Νu Class
Tyler Turecki - Rho Class
Liang Yi Lim – Ζeta Class


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